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National Forecast超级游戏厅开户检测ios

超级游戏厅开户安卓线路08 November 2019 21:30


Tonight will begin dry and cold, with a touch of frost and possibly icy patches in the east. Rain will soon develop in the west and then spread eastwards overnight. On high ground in Ulster, the rain may be preceded by sleet. The rain will clear to heavy showers in the west later. Minimum temperatures ranging -1 to +3 degrees. Breezy at times with southeast winds veering northwest as the rain clears.


Rain will clear the east coast early in the morning and showers will spread from the west, some heavy with a chance of hail and thunder. There will be sunny intervals as well. Highest temperatures of 7 to 10 degrees. A breezy day with moderate to fresh northwesterly winds, occasionally strong and gusty along coasts.


Summary: Remaining cool and changeable into next week with rain or showers on most days.

Saturday night: Showers dying out, becoming mostly dry under clearing skies. Minimum temperatures of -1 to +3°C as winds ease. Some frost will form where skies clear.

Sunday: Most places will be dry on Sunday. The best of the sunshine will be through the morning and early afternoon. Cloud will increase from the west during the day with rain arriving on Atlantic coasts by evening. Max temperatures 7 to 10°C, but 11 or 12 degrees in the coastal fringes of the south and west. Southeasterly winds will freshen through the day, becoming strong and gusty near Atlantic coasts by evening. Rain will spread to all areas on Sunday night, with winds veering northwesterly as the rain clears eastwards overnight. Min temps of 3 or 4°C.

Monday: Sunday night's rain should be clear of the east coast by Monday morning to leave a bright and breezy or blustery day with sunshine and showers. Showers will be heaviest and most frequent in the north and west, possibly becoming wintry over high ground here. Fresh to strong and gusty westerly winds with max temperatures ranging 6 to 10°C. Showers continuing in the north and west on Monday night, becoming dry and clear elsewhere. Minimum temperatures of 0 to 4°C.

Tuesday: A similar story on Tuesday but showers a little less widespread. Again showers heaviest and most frequent in the north and west, where again, some may be wintry over hills. Sunny spells also, best away from the west and north coasts. Max temperatures 6 to 9°C in fresh to strong westerly winds.

Wednesday: Starting mostly dry but rain will move in from the west through the day.


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